Guestrooms in Ypres


Would you like breakfast? These are the possibilities:

Every day (except Mondays): absolutely delicious breakfast, prepared with local products and love:

  • For those who like breakfast in privacy: in a basket in front of your room door
  • For those who like to be served: on the ground floor, there is a beautifully arranged table ready for you!

Price: 15 euros per person. If you want breakfast in Fields of Gold, it is important to mention it when booking. We work daily with the freshest products!

-       In the Rijselstraat are three bakeries, a newspaper kiosk, a butcher and a delicatessen store. Two blocks away there are two shops for natural productos, they also have organic bread. All rooms (except Queen of Water) are equipped with a very comfortable and cozy kitchen. More information on opening hours is available in the Welcome Book!


(+32) 496 81 82 07

  Rijselstraat 74,
    8900 Ypres
  (+32) 496 81 82 07